Committee Biography

Photograph of Eddie M0LJT

NAME: Eddie

CALLSIGN: M0LJT (Previously 2E0LJT and M6CQJ)

FIRST LICENSED: 04/04/2013

POSITION: Committee Member

OCCUPATION: Retired Self-Employed Heating Engineer

A member of SBARC for the past few years, I came rather late in life to the hobby of amateur radio. I had always had an interest in radio as a SWL and my wife challenged me to become a licensed Radio Ham as I had always talked about it in times past, from my CB and listening days.

So in the following days I paid a visit to the SBARC and met Andy G7KNA and a few others who all made me feel welcome, since then I have not missed many Thursday's at the club.

With the excellent training at the Club I was able to pass all the exams successfully and now have a full licence, M0LJT.