Committee Biography

Photograph of Mark M0SKV

NAME: Mark


FIRST LICENSED: May 2015 (as M6FKV, then 2E0FKV)

POSITION: Special Events Coordinator (November 2015)


I have been interested in radio from a very early age, firstly as a SWL and then CB in the 80’s. Life then took me away from radio until the start of 2015 when I contacted the South Bristol Club and started on the Foundation course, passing in May. I then went on to study the Intermediate course and passed that in November 2015.

I have become very involved in the Special Events that the Club holds throughout the the year to the point that I now help with organising the events with the club.

I will be starting the Advanced course this year (2016) with the hope of passing in May 2016 and obtaining my full license.