Challenge Details

Date of Challenge: 06/09/2018

Adjudicator: Club Technical Officer or such other officer of the Committee as that person may appoint

Callsign to be Used: G4WAW


To record the greatest distance in a single logged QSO without any internet assistance, based on crow-fly distance from the Clubhouse

Challenge Parameters

  1. Start Time: 19:30Hrs Local Time
  2. Eligible Participants: Anyone present at the Club on the night of the challenge who is in possession of an Amateur Radio Pass Certificate as defined in the Licence Conditions or is undergoing recognised Foundation training can take part, however the DX Challenge Certificate can only be won by a paid up Member of the Club.
  3. Eligible Tx Equipment: The Challenge will employ the Club FT-991 with its internal tuner and no other equipment may be substituted.
  4. Eligible Antennas: Any of the Club Antennas:
    1. the Club Off Centre Dipole (Windom)
    2. The Club 2m Quad and rotator
    3. the Club Tri-Band Colinear
  5. Duration of Individual Operation: Minimum of 10 minutes, maximum of 15 minutes to be set at the start of the challenge depending on the number of participants
  6. Eligible Bands and Modes: Any band and mode that the Eligible Tx Equipment is capable of
  7. Permitted Power: A maximum of the full output of the Eligible Tx Equipment on the band/mode combination in use without the benefit of external amplification
  8. Information Exchange: As a minimum the QSO should result in a record of the QSO partners name and place of operation. This information must be obtained without the use of databases, internet or other electronic records.