Airfields QSL CardMiddlezoy Aerodrome is located just outside Westonzoyland on part of the site of the wartime RAF Westonzoyland Airbase. Not the easiest place in the world to find, it isn’t exactly hidden away either and the site is used for a number of public events including Westcountry WarAg and the Somerset Aerofest. The postal address is: Middlezoy Aerodrome Ltd, Middlezoy, Somerset, TA7 0JS. However, there are some additional details that will be of interest to Radio Hams:

  • Lat/Long (WGS84 Geoid): 51.10259°N, 2.902985°W
  • OSGR: ST 36873 34087 (6 figure ST368340)
  • IARU Locator: IO81nc
  • WAB: ST33
  • IOTA: EU005 (Mainland UK)
  • What 3 Words: ///flow.triangles.clustered (Entrance to the Operating Post)
  • What 3 Words: ///unstated.chapters.rounds (Entrance to the Site)


The wartime Westonzoyland Airfield no longer exists in full. The site was returned to agricultural use in 1969 having last seen active duty in 1958. This image of the airfield in 1944 shows how different things are compared to present day:

Westonzoyland Airfield in 1944

The most notable missing element in the photo above is the lack of the A372 which now bisects the original airfield. Overlaying (to the best of our abilities) the original runways on a modern map shows the changes that have occurred.

In fact the “new” A372 appears to have been built on a section of the original wartime runway 11/29. The airfield to the north of the “new” A372 has retained the Westonzoyland name and is currently used for Micro-Lights as the home for Westonzoyland Flying Club. To the south of the “new” A372, but still well within the boundary of the original wartime Westonzoyland Airfield, is Middlezoy Aerodrome and this was to be our “home” for the weekend of Airfields on the Air.



Being a new venue for us we took more equipment than we might normally need or use on a typical Special Event such as: Mills, Lighthouses or Railways. This was because we weren’t too sure what we might encounter when we got into the nitty-gritty of station setup. The station ended up using our regular equipment but we definitely benefitted from having options during station setup, even if we didn’t benefit from a useful number of bodies on site.

  1. Nissei DPS300GL power supply,
  2. Yaesu FT991 HF/6m/2m/70cm multi-mode transceiver,
  3. MFJ 993 auto atu,
  4. 80m flexweave doublet fed with 450Ω ladder line supported at the feedpoint by a MFJ-1908H 13m telescopic mast,
  5. Acer Aspire 8942 laptop running PyQSO under Debian Bullseye with the MATE Desktop,
  6. Behringer XENYX 302USB audio mixer, and
  7. Logitech external powered speakers.

Saturday 1 April 2023

Greg 2E1BUF was the first to arrive on site, he was particularly keen and although the main station equipment was still en route getting access to the WW2 Nissen hut and ensuring that the Aerodrome people were aware of our presence and able to provide power were high on his agenda. Exactly 20 – 25 minutes later Andy G7KNA joined Greg on site. Andy had all of the main station equipment on board so station setup could start in earnest. After Andy’s arrival we were joined by; well immediately we were joined by absolutely nobody else which was very disappointing as additional bodies would have undoubtedly speeded the setup process.

Main station setup followed the tried and tested routines established at: Mills, Lighthouses and Railways. The main difference between all of these events is the placement of the antenna. At Mills we use an inverted vee supported on our telescopic pole and tied off to convenient trees at either edge of the site. At Lighthouses we are really lucky, as the Cabot Cruising Club have a lanyard fitted to the lantern tower which allows us to hoist the antenna without any further support and tie off the antenna to the bow and stern. Finally, at Railways we once again use our telescopic pole to support the feedpoint and tie off to convenient pieces of station furniture depending on where on the site we are located.

The Phantom outside the Nissen hutGloster Meteor Mk.T7, serial WL345, that spent part of its operational career flying from RAF Westonzoyland

At Middlezoy we had no such previous experience to draw on as to how we were going to set up. We located the centre support by strapping the telescopic pole to the corner of a “dutch” barn. One leg was extended parallel to the Nissen hut and tied off to a heavy picnic table, however the second leg proved to be more complex. After considering options we (that’s Greg and Andy who were the only members on site) decided to chance taking the second leg over the roof of the “dutch” barn and secure it to one of the barn columns on the opposite corner which required hoisting the leg over the roof of the structure. This proved more difficult than they first anticipated and contributed hugely to the late appearance on air, much to the chagrin of one member who phoned during the antenna erection period to tell those on site that we weren’t on air at the expected time; (like the team on site didn’t know that!)

After trying a variety of methods with no success the team managed to get the second leg of the doublet in place using a telescopic “roach” pole to walk the leg over the barn to the far side and secure it, although we would re-visit this on the Sunday, more on that to follow.

The antenna against the Nissen hutAntenna

Kevin 2E0AWX arrived on site more or less as the antenna erection was completed. It has to be said that we had reservations about this antenna setup, we had probably broken the cardinal rules of antenna construction by:

  1. Siting part of the antenna low over a sheet metal roof, we expected this to give us a few matching problems and possibly “couple” the antenna to the roof
  2. Passing the 450Ω ladder lone through a metal framed window, and not just passing it through the window but having to keep the window more or less closed (effectively “clamping” the feeder) to prevent the wind damaging the aircraft models suspended from the roof of the Nissen Hut

As it transpired we had no such problems through most of the day which just goes to prove that any antenna arrangement is worth trying, any signal is better than no signal and whilst we might have been able to come up with a more efficient arrangement either of the same antenna or a different antenna, if we had the facilities to put something else up, the fact is that we were on air and operating which is preferable to the alternative of not being on air and not operating!

Nissen hut exteriorNissen hut exterior

We should probably talk about our accommodation for the weekend. We were billeted (we think it is appropriate to use term “billeted” in this context) in a World War 2 Nissen hut, a common sight on many military establishments during and after the War. For those unfamiliar with the term or the structure; a Nissen hut is a prefabricated steel structure originally for military use, especially as barracks, made from a half-cylindrical skin of corrugated iron. It was designed during the First World War by the Canadian-American-British engineer and inventor Major Peter Norman Nissen. It was used also extensively during the Second World War and was adapted as the similar Quonset hut in the United States.

Nissen hut interiorNissen hut interior

During “flying days” the Nissen hut serves as the Flight Control Centre. The inside of the Nissen hut has been decorated with a vast array of memorabilia and also features important elements like a kitchen. We think it is a truly fantastic environment and we were really pleased to be allowed to use this unique building as our base of operations. We had plenty of opportunities to chat with the Middlezoy Aerodrome people, many of whom have long associations with the RAF, and understand how much of the memorabilia is personal to their history.

Nissen hut interiorNissen hut interior

Without the cooperation and assistance of the Middlezoy Aerodrome personnel we couldn’t have put this event on and we are indebted to them for allowing us more or less free rein to play radio for the whole weekend.

To return to the main narrative, once the antenna had been put up Greg and Andy, now joined by Kevin 2E0AWX returned to the Nissen hut to begin radio operations. We started by having a quick listen on the bands and try to get a few Airfields in our log. At 11:14 BST (12:14 BST) we logged RAF Downham Market, followed by RAF Llandow at 11:25 UTC (12:25 BST), RAF Andrewsfield (who weren’t on the published list of participating stations) at 11:37 UTC (12:37 BST) and RAF Stapleford Tawney at 11:47 UTC (12:47 BST).

Happy that our station was performing as expected, indeed given our reservations over the antenna arrangement possibly exceeding expectations, we began to work all callers. To England and Wales we quickly added the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Southern Ireland (Eire) and Northern Ireland. By the end of the day at 15:40 UTC (16:40 BST) we had completed 83 QSO’s.

Andy G7KNA operating GB0WZL with Greg 2W1BUF loggingGreg 2W1BUF operating GB0WZL with Andy G7KNA logging

Towards the end of the day there was a sudden jump in our SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) indicating a potential problem with the antenna; possibly something to do with changes in the barn roof drying or perhaps a structural problem with supports. We could see nothing untoward but elected to shut the station down as it was nearing our planned QRT time and reset the leg of the doublet that passes over the barn roof the following morning now that we had a good way to quickly put that leg in place.

Sunday 2 April 2023

The arrival routine on Sunday was effectively the reverse of Saturday, with Andy G7KNA accompanied by Ken M7MYU arriving first followed by Greg 2W1BUF. We were, once again, joined by Kevin 2E0AWX and also by Dave G7BYN and Matt G7FBD from North Bristol ARC as well as Greg’s partner Rachel SWL to whom we are indebted for some of the photos on this page and in our Flickr Album.

Well, it is SomersetNissen hut interior

First order of business on the Sunday morning was to check the doublet leg that passed over the “Dutch barn”. We could see nothing untoward with this on a visual inspection, but to be cautious we decided to use a 9m telescopic “roach pole” to lift this leg higher over the roof in the hope that this would reduce any coupling that might be taking place. Whether or not there was any coupling is unknown however the change seemed to address whatever oddities had caused the sudden increase in SWR at the end of Saturday and we were once again back on air.

We had notionally thought that we might move around the bands today, but we were to find ourselves in a lot of demand. It might not have been a perpetual pileup but we were rarely short of someone calling us and it was good that we had a large number of operators today to share the burden of operating and logging.

David G7BYN operating GB0WZL with Andy G7KNA logging. To the rear (left to right) is Greg 2W1BUF, Matt G7FBD and Ken M7MYUGreg 2W1BUF operating GB0WZL with Andy G7KNA logging. To the rear (left to right) is Ken M7MYU, David G7BYN and Matt G7FBD

We made our first contact at 10:47 BST with another airfield, this time RAF Chipping Ongar. Through the day we worked England, Luxembourg, Belgium, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France and Germany. By the end of the day we’d added a further 73 stations to our log bringing our total for the weekend to a respectable 156 contacts. We also added RAF Eastbury Park, RAF Chickerill, RAF Downham Tawney and the aforementioned RAF Chipping Ongar to our list of airfields.

David G7BYN operating GB0WZL with Andy G7KNA logging. To the rear is Ken M7MYUDavid G7BYN operating GB0WZL with Andy G7KNA logging. To the rear is Greg 2W1BUF

Sadly only 5 of the airfields we worked were listed as participating stations and so our, now familiar, map of participating stations worked doesn’t include many of the airfields we made contact with. We’re not sure if this is because these stations hadn’t registered or if the maintenance of the participating stations list had fallen by the wayside in the lead up to the event itself but we hope that this situation improves in the future.

Greg 2W1BUF operating GB0WZL with Andy G7KNA logging. To the rear is (left to right) Kevin 2E0AWX, Ken M7MYU and Matt G7FBDGreg 2W1BUF operating GB0WZL with Ken M7MYU logging. Observers (left to right) are Matt G7FBD (back to the camera), David G7BYN and Kevin 2E0AWX

Overall we had a really good weekend. The callsign and the location were clearly in demand, the fact that we managed 153 contacts given the very late start on the Saturday and a not particularly early start on Sunday is really impressive. We were only on air for 9 hours and 38 minutes over the weekend but managed 156 QSOs equating to 1 QSO every 3.7 minutes. Given that we tried to avoid “rubber stamp” style “59 QRZ” QSOs and actually talk to each station we worked to give them some information about the history of the airfield we believe that this is a very good “run-rate” no doubt helped because this was the first time that the former RAF Westonzoyland site had been put on the air as part of this event.

The list of participating stations did include RAF Luton. We are unclear, probably for security reasons, if this was the boffins at LARPA who occassionally TWEET under the heading @RAF_Luton but we were sad not to have been able to get them in the log. Or perhaps we did and they hacked the page?

Location of Participating Airfields Worked

Log for Airfields on the Air 2023

Date of Contact Time Station Worked Band or Freq (MHz) Mode TX RX Operator’s Name QTH IARU Locator Distance (km) Notes
01/04/2023 11:14 GB0DM 40m SSB 59   59   Kevin RAF Downham Market     M0KKM
01/04/2023 11:25 GB5LAF 40m SSB 59   59   Glyn RAF Llandow     Barry Amateur RS. GW0ANA
01/04/2023 11:37 GB2AAF 40m SSB 59   59   Andy RAF Andrewsfield      
01/04/2023 11:47 GB2STA 40m SSB 59   59   Selim RAF Stapleford Tawney     G4DDP + LEFARS Members
01/04/2023 12:15 G4GWH 40m SSB 59   59   Mike Uppingham      
01/04/2023 12:16 MW0AEV 40m SSB 59   59   Llewelyn Porthelli      
01/04/2023 12:19 GW3RIH 40m SSB 59   59   Wes Boscombe Down      
01/04/2023 12:22 2E0GWF 40m SSB 59   59   Bryan Bristol     Icom IC7300 Half Wave Dipole 50W
01/04/2023 12:26 GW4PUC 40m SSB 59   59   Ray Llanelli     Icom IC7300 G5RV
01/04/2023 12:32 M0MNG 40m SSB 59   59   Ed West Sussex      
01/04/2023 12:34 2E0FEH 40m SSB 59   59   Karl Saltash      
01/04/2023 12:36 G4BGX 40m SSB 59   59   Derek Poole      
01/04/2023 12:38 G6TEQ 40m SSB 59   59   Ian Torquay     Icom IC7300
01/04/2023 12:40 M0PTZ 40m SSB 59   59   Paul Andover     RAFARS Member
01/04/2023 12:42 G0SDD 40m SSB 59   59   Chris Lydney     RAFARS Member 3435
01/04/2023 12:45 PC2KY 40m SSB 59   59   Henry Hengelo     FTDX 5000
01/04/2023 12:49 ON3RMB 40m SSB 59   59   Chris       Kenwood TS850 OCD – WAB 24408 – 7.160 WAB Freq
01/04/2023 12:53 G4OBB 40m SSB 59       Des Suffolk     TS590 400W
01/04/2023 12:55 G0GWY 40m SSB 59   59   Geoff Scunthorpe     Icom IC7300 G5RV
01/04/2023 12:57 GB5BK 40m SSB           RAF Binbrook      
01/04/2023 13:03 G3VCG 40m SSB 59   59   Don Chelmsford      
01/04/2023 13:06 ON2KP 40m SSB 59   59   Karl        
01/04/2023 13:09 G6ASK 40m SSB 59   59   John        
01/04/2023 13:11 G4NKT 40m SSB 59   59   Dave Bristol      
01/04/2023 13:12 GX1IGR 40m SSB 59   59   Brian RAF Husbands Bosworth      
01/04/2023 13:15 MW7ERP 7.127 SSB 59   59   Tom        
01/04/2023 13:17 PD1AT 7.127 SSB 59   59   Adrian        
01/04/2023 13:19 PD2LMB 7.127 SSB 59   59   Leo        
01/04/2023 13:21 F4VPL 7.127 SSB 59   59   Dave        
01/04/2023 13:23 G4KCS 7.127 SSB 58   57   Rob        
01/04/2023 13:24 EI4HNB 7.127 SSB 58   59   Dan        
01/04/2023 13:26 G7SXR 7.127 SSB 59   59   Mark        
01/04/2023 13:27 M7XST 7.127 SSB 58   58   Stu        
01/04/2023 13:30 G0RDP 7.127 SSB 59   59   David        
01/04/2023 13:31 M0JCE 7.127 SSB 59   59   Julian        
01/04/2023 13:33 G0DTX 7.127 SSB 59   59   John        
01/04/2023 13:35 GI0THZ 7.127 SSB 59   59   Harry Co. Antrim      
01/04/2023 13:38 GI0UQK 7.127 SSB 35   56           Very poor reception
01/04/2023 13:41 M0DCX 7.127 SSB 59   59   Darren       WAB – TL86
01/04/2023 13:43 2E0ZBE 7.127 SSB 59   59   John Southampton      
01/04/2023 13:44 MW0OZI 7.127 SSB 59   59   Colin Welshpool      
01/04/2023 13:46 M0CQL 7.127 SSB 57   57   Andy Barnsley      
01/04/2023 13:47 2E0VGP 7.127 SSB 59   59   Peter Swindon      
01/04/2023 13:49 G0PMJ 7.127 SSB 59   59   Dave        
01/04/2023 13:51 M0DFL 7.127 SSB 59   59   Cathy Suffolk      
01/04/2023 13:53 PE1PXL 7.127 SSB 58   59   Richard Meijel – Netherlands      
01/04/2023 13:55 GB1HA 7.127 SSB 34   58   Patrick        
01/04/2023 13:58 DJ2XB 7.127 SSB 59   59   Gunther        
01/04/2023 14:01 2E0XGO 7.127 SSB 58   57   Richard Whitehaven Cumbria      
01/04/2023 14:03 ON3GM 7.127 SSB 57   59   Gert        
01/04/2023 14:07 G3ZDQ 7.127 SSB 59   59   Ian        
01/04/2023 14:07 G4NXL 7.127 SSB 59   57   Malc       WAB – SK34
01/04/2023 14:13 G4OIG 7.127 SSB 59   59   Gerald        
01/04/2023 14:15 G4HLN 7.127 SSB 59   59   Larry Burnham-on-Sea      
01/04/2023 14:17 ON5BWE 40m SSB 59   59   Erwin Blzen      
01/04/2023 14:21 M6KCI 40m SSB     59   Dave Manchester      
01/04/2023 14:22 G6PCD 40m SSB     59   Ady Bedworth      
01/04/2023 14:25 M7BBZ 40m SSB 59   59   Norman Knowle Bristol      
01/04/2023 14:26 2E0EVM 40m SSB 59   59   Eddie Paignton      
01/04/2023 14:28 GB0RTM 40m SSB 59   59   Justin RAF Bury St Edmunds.     M0JJO + BStERS
01/04/2023 14:32 2E0FVN 40m SSB 59   59   Mark Potters Bar      
01/04/2023 14:35 M0BKV 40m SSB 54   59   Damian Bude      
01/04/2023 14:37 G0BFJ 40m SSB 54   59   Brian Huddersfield      
01/04/2023 14:39 2W0TNA 40m SSB 59   59   Tony Cardiff      
01/04/2023 14:43 G0DRM 40m SSB 59   59   David Nantwitch     100W Icom 7600 Trapped Dipole
01/04/2023 14:45 G0HEU 40m SSB     59   Paul Newcastle upon Tyne     FT101MP 100W OCD
01/04/2023 14:47 G0FQN 40m SSB 59   59   Mark Preston      
01/04/2023 14:53 PE1EWR 40m SSB 55   59   Frank Flushing     Icom IC 7300 25m Long Wire
01/04/2023 14:57 M1CBK 40m SSB 59   59   Rob Erith Kent     Yaesu 5000MP Solid State Amp 400W Double Bazoka
01/04/2023 15:00 G1BBY 40m SSB 59   59   Walter 22 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne      
01/04/2023 15:01 M1AOB 40m SSB 44   58   Richard Cornwall     100W TS480-SAT Hustler 4BTV
01/04/2023 15:05 2E1DFI 40m SSB 44   57   Ray       Connection to Dambusters Raid
01/04/2023 15:08 G1PIR 40m SSB 55   59   Dave        
01/04/2023 15:10 2W0DSP 40m SSB 59   59   Andrew 10 miles west of Swansea     100W Icom IC-7600
01/04/2023 15:13 2E0PTV 40m SSB 59   59   Gary Dunmow      
01/04/2023 15:15 GX3WTP 40m SSB 59   59   Henry Bedford Ravensden     Bedford and District ARS – RAFARS 4828
01/04/2023 15:23 PA3HEB 40m SSB 59   59   Marcel        
01/04/2023 15:26 G3VBE 40m SSB 59   58   George Brighton and Hove     Original FT 101E 43 years old
01/04/2023 15:28 PA3BOE 40m SSB 59   59   Reni Utrect      
01/04/2023 15:30 PA3DHR 40m SSB 55   59   Dirk        
01/04/2023 15:32 G4CFP 40m SSB 59   59   Bill Horwich     100W Icom IC 7600 to Long Wire
01/04/2023 15:36 G4KCS 40m SSB 59   59   Rob Stratford London      
01/04/2023 15:40 G6NYG 40m SSB 59   59   Roy Droitwich     40m Dipole
02/04/2023 09:47 GB0WAO 40m SSB 59   59   Ed RAF Chipping Ongar     Harlow and District ARS – 100W G5RV
02/04/2023 09:59 G3VCG 40m SSB 59   59   Don Chelmsford      
02/04/2023 10:01 LX1FF 40m SSB 45   55   Frank        
02/04/2023 10:03 ON8MJ 40m SSB 59   59   Joel Centre of Belgium      
02/04/2023 10:10 G6CYR 40m SSB     59   Ron Leominster      
02/04/2023 10:13 2E0LEE 40m SSB 59       Ken Scarborough      
02/04/2023 10:18 G4ZNY 40m SSB 59   59   Keith Milton Keynes      
02/04/2023 10:21 M7AOK 40m SSB     59   Steven Weymouth      
02/04/2023 10:49 GB0DM 40m SSB 59   59     RAF Downham Market     M0KKM
02/04/2023 10:52 M0NTI 40m SSB 59   59   Tom Oldham      
02/04/2023 10:56 MW0KAX 40m SSB 59   59   Matt Aberdare      
02/04/2023 10:59 M0BMX 40m SSB 59   59   Mel Penzance      
02/04/2023 11:00 M0MDS 40m SSB 59   59   Mike Alexandra Palace      
02/04/2023 11:00 G0GLG 40m SSB 59   59   Hamish North Buckinghamshire      
02/04/2023 11:04 M0MPM 40m SSB 59   59   Michal Birmingham      
02/04/2023 11:05 GB0CAF 40m SSB 59   59   Pete RAF Chickerill     M0XDL+ SDRC
02/04/2023 11:08 M7KEV 40m SSB 59   59   Kev        
02/04/2023 11:10 G1HGA 40m SSB 59   59   Kev Leicestershire      
02/04/2023 11:10 ON3QRP 40m SSB 59   59            
02/04/2023 11:12 PD3DLX 40m SSB 43   59            
02/04/2023 11:14 G4AHO 40m SSB 59   59   Ken Worcestershire      
02/04/2023 11:18 M7KST 40m SSB 44   59   Kevin Eastbourne      
02/04/2023 11:20 M0HEM 40m SSB 59   59   John Dagenham     WAB – TQ48
02/04/2023 11:25 M0XOF 40m SSB 46   59   John Sutton Surrey      
02/04/2023 11:29 GW0PUP 40m SSB 59   59   Brian        
02/04/2023 11:32 G2NV 40m SSB 59   59   Tom Oakham     RAFARS – 6012
02/04/2023 11:41 G4PWD 40m SSB 59   59   Mike        
02/04/2023 11:44 M7DFH 40m SSB 57                
02/04/2023 11:45 M3DPQ 40m SSB 57   55            
02/04/2023 11:49 M7DFH 40m SSB 47   57   Simon Norwich      
02/04/2023 11:52 M3UXJ 40m SSB 35       Gary        
02/04/2023 11:54 PD0HWE 40m SSB     57            
02/04/2023 11:56 M0SDF 40m SSB     57   Paul Nottingham      
02/04/2023 12:00 G3VOF 40m SSB 59   59   Martin Torquay      
02/04/2023 12:04 G3YZY 40m SSB 59   59   Howard Waterlooville      
02/04/2023 12:07 M0NMI 40m SSB 59   58   David Swindon      
02/04/2023 12:09 M0ZGY 40m SSB 47   59   Gerry Saltash      
02/04/2023 12:16 G6JYR 40m SSB 59   59   Damon Wolverhampton     Double Bazooka on 40m
02/04/2023 12:19 G0NWX 40m SSB 59   57   Darren Birmingham      
02/04/2023 12:27 2E0OCR 40m SSB 55   57   Patrick Broadstairs     Yaesu FT991A OCD – TR36
02/04/2023 12:33 G3OKA 40m SSB 59   59   John Wirral      
02/04/2023 12:36 MW0IDT 40m SSB 59   59   Ian Llantwit      
02/04/2023 12:40 G6JXA 40m SSB 46   59   Kim Morden SW London     Heavy QSB 55 – 59 our report
02/04/2023 12:45 G3VHH 40m SSB 59   59   John Langley      
02/04/2023 12:47 SQ3TKZ 17m SSB 57   57   Marek        
02/04/2023 12:55 IN3PEE 17m SSB 57   57            
02/04/2023 13:22 GB2AA 40m SSB 59   59   John Dagenham     Autism Awareness
02/04/2023 13:33 G8CPM 40m SSB 49       Chris        
02/04/2023 13:48 GB0CC 40m SSB 59   59   Carl RAF Eastbury Park      
02/04/2023 13:49 MM0MMN 40m SSB 57   59   Iliyas        
02/04/2023 14:05 G4RAC 40m SSB 59   59   John        
02/04/2023 14:10 G8DLX 40m SSB 59   59   Mike Warwickshire      
02/04/2023 14:11 M7BCN 40m SSB 54   59   Brian       WAB – NZ42 Book 24757
02/04/2023 14:13 G6BAK 40m SSB 58   59   Geoff Portsmouth      
02/04/2023 14:19 GI7IYK 40m SSB 53                
02/04/2023 14:23 GI0VGL 40m SSB 59   59   George Armagh      
02/04/2023 14:25 M3ZLA 40m SSB 54   59   Glyn Cheshire      
02/04/2023 14:26 M6FLK 40m SSB     59   John        
02/04/2023 14:28 F5HKL 40m SSB 55   59   Andre        
02/04/2023 14:32 2E0JFY 40m SSB 57       Mark Southport      
02/04/2023 14:33 G0KZH 40m SSB 57   59   Elaine Rochdale      
02/04/2023 14:42 ON5BWE 40m SSB 58   59   Erwin        
02/04/2023 14:45 G1SDK 40m SSB 59   59   Sid 10 miles north of London      
02/04/2023 14:46 OS8D 40m SSB 59   59   Etienne Brussels International Airport      
02/04/2023 14:48 M0JUV 40m SSB 59   59   Derick Ludlow      
02/04/2023 14:49 G7SSE 40m SSB 59   59   John Nottingham      
02/04/2023 14:50 ON7OFQ 40m SSB 59   59   Manu        
02/04/2023 14:52 G4RZN 40m SSB 46   59            
02/04/2023 14:54 DD6PS 40m SSB 45   55            
02/04/2023 14:55 PA7ED 40m SSB 57   58   Edwin        
02/04/2023 14:56 G8XDD 40m SSB 59   59   Dave Portsmouth      
02/04/2023 14:57 MM0CPZ 40m SSB 58   59   Richard Edinburgh      
02/04/2023 14:59 M0BLF 40m SSB 57   59   Dom Plymouth     Near RAF Harrowbeer

Those “Pesky” RSL’s

The Regional Secondary Locators are letters altered or added to an individual or club amateur radio callsign to denote which part of the United Kingdom the station is operating from, the map and table below indicate the principles:

Location Foundation Callsigns Intermediate Callsigns Full Callsigns Club Callsigns Special Event Callsigns
England M#☐☐☐ 2E#☐☐☐ G#☐☐☐

Typically Special Event Callsigns are of the form GB + 1 Number (0-9) and 3 letters.
However, Special Special Event Callsigns can have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 letters after 1, 2 or even 3 digits following the “GB” prefix depending on:
1. Ofcoms disposition,
2. Who you ask,
3. Who you know, and
4. How much “clout” you can bring to bear.

Guernsey MU#☐☐☐ 2U#☐☐☐ GU#☐☐☐
Isle of Man MD#☐☐☐ 2D#☐☐☐ GD#☐☐☐
Jersey MJ#☐☐☐ 2J#☐☐☐ GJ#☐☐☐
Northern Ireland MI#☐☐☐ 2I#☐☐☐ GI#☐☐☐
Scotland MM#☐☐☐ 2M#☐☐☐ GM#☐☐☐
Wales MW#☐☐☐ 2W#☐☐☐ GW#☐☐☐

Map of RSL's

We have long harboured the ambition to work all RSL’s on a single Special Event or contest but have yet to manage this (although we have come close on a few occasions). We didn’t manage it again this time either, but we live in hope!

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Isle of Man                  
Northern Ireland                  
Isle of Man      
Northern Ireland      
Isle of Man    
Northern Ireland    
Isle of Man    
Northern Ireland    
Isle of Man  
Northern Ireland