VHF National Field Day 2018 will take place over the weekend of 07/07/2018 – 08/07/2018. This page is intended to be a scratch pad for the planning and organisation of SBARCs participation in the event.

Location Plan

We hope to be operating from our usual location on Dundry Hill, watch this space and our TWITTER feed.

Assuming that we are at our regular location then the site is located at:

  • Ordnance Survey Grid Reference (OSGR) ST568656;
  • Lat/Long: 51.387882,-2.622063;
  • The IARU locator is IO81qj; and
  • the Worked All Britain Square is ST56 – England

The field entrance is located at:

  • OSGR ST566657
  • Lat/Long: 51.389010,-2.625051

In the maps below:

  • "C" = The Carpenters Arms
  • "E" = Field Entrance
  • "F" = Field Day Site

Location Map of SBARC Field Day Site

Location Map of SBARC Field Day Site

Until the contest starts we suggest a net be set up on GB3ZB, the Frys Hill 70cm Repeater, which being situated on Dundry ought to be an end stopping signal even for hand helds using a wet noodle.

Reference Output (MHz) Input (MHz) Offset (MHz) CTCSS (Hz)
GB3ZB 430.825MHz FM 438.425MHz FM +7.600MHz 77.0Hz


  1. 11:00 BST (10:00 UTC) Saturday – Arrive on site to commence set up.
  2. 15:00 BST (14:00 UTC) Saturday – Contest Start.
  3. 00:00 BST (23:00 UTC) Saturday – Anticipated start of 8 hour shut down¹.
  4. 08:00 BST (07:00 UTC) Sunday – Anticipated resumption of contest activities¹.
  5. 15:00 BST (14:00 UTC) Sunday – Contest End.
  6. 17:00 BST (16:00 UTC) – Leave site.

¹Actual timing of shut down period dependant on band activity.

Site Layout

Google Map of site with layout overlain

Equipment List

This list is based on the operating setup and experiences of previous years.

Item Description Person Responsible
Main 2m SSB Transceiver: Club FT-991 and Microphone Special Events Manager
Main 13.8V 25A/30A PSU: Club Manson EP-925 Special Events Manager
Antenna: Club 14 element beam Special Events Manager
SWR/Power Meter: TBA  
Adaptors: Variety of PL-259/SO-239 to N-Type (male and female) plus barrels/gender changers for both PL/SO and N Type All
Mast: Club 8m Tripod Mast Special Events Manager
Rotator: Club Rotator with top and bottom clamp and stub mast and 8 way CAT 5 control cable circa 25m Special Events Manager
Feeder: Circa 25m 50Ohm low loss Special Events Manager
Patch Leads: Selection required at both antenna and shack:
1. FT-991 – SWR Meter (N Type – PL259)
2. SWR Meter – Antenna below rotator (PL259 – N Type)
3. Rotation length: below rotator – antenna feedpoint (N-Type, (requires N-Type barrel) – N Type (Check antenna)
Generator: Minimum 2kVA generator Fred G7LPP
Fuel: Minimum 15l unleaded petrol in jerry can or approved container Fred G7LPP
240V 16A 3 Way Splitter: 3 pin round 16A 3 way splitter with trip
1 male 16A 3 pin blue to 3 female 16A 3 pin blue
Andy G7KNA
Operating Supply: 1. 13A 3 pin – 16A 3 pin blue female
2. Circa 20m 3 core arctic cable 16A 3 pin blue male – 16A 3 pin blue female
3. 3 pin round 16A male to 4 way 13A 3 pin socket circa 12m
Andy G7KNA
Computer: Club Dell Laptop – Internal clock set accurately and SDV configured for the event. Andy G7KNA
Accommodation: Details to be confirmed  
Furniture: Depends on operating accommodation
Details to be confirmed
Catering and Housekeeping: 1. Camping stove or Club BBQ
2. Bottled gas to suit camping stove or Club BBQ
3. Cold box
4. Kettle (not electric)
5. Saucepan
6. Frying pan
7. Washing up bowel and liquid
8. Paper plates and cups
9. Plastic knives and forks
10. Rubbish Sacks
Catering Manager (Vacant position)
Water: Clean drinking water in containers All
Victuals: 1. Coffee
2. Tea Bags
3. Milk
4. Sugar
6. Squash
7. Bread or rolls
8. Margarine
9. Bacon, eggs and sausage or similar
NOTE – Anyone wanting beer, wine, cider etc. should bring their own
Catering Manager (Vacant position)
Tools: Screwdrivers, cutters, pliers, spanners/sockets, multi-meter, soldering iron (gas and electric), lump hammer, insulation tape, and anything else you can think of All
Sundries: Paper, pencils, clipboard(s), rules, band plans, IARU maps, European prefix maps, and anything else you can think of All
Farmers Payment: Usual terms Secretary