Everyone is welcome to attend our Thursday evening events or to visit us during our other Special Events. It is not necessary to be a member of the Club. This page represents the events that South Bristol ARC will be associated with. The Thursday events are our regular club nights and usually commence around 19:30 hours local.

These events are open to all, not just club members. There are no restrictions on who may attend these events, although we hope that after spending an evening or two with us you would like to join our club.

Please feel free to come along to any of the events we list below, we can assure you of a warm welcome.

20th DecemberOpen House and On Air NightShack Manager
27th DecemberNo Meeting
3rd JanuaryRSGB MattersAndy G7KNA
10th JanuaryCommittee MeetingAndy G7KNA
17th JanuaryVideo NightAndy G7KNA
24th JanuaryCOTY BrainstormingAndy G7KNA
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1st Jan 8201A4 Event CalendarA4 Detailed Event CalendariCalendar import file
1st Jan 2019A4 Event CalendarA4 Detailed Event CalendariCalendar import file

Our Google Calendar will show the full years events, although future events will need to be treated with caution.