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International Lighthouses and Lightships on the Air 2023

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We will, of course, be publishing a full web-page report shortly concerning our Club operation from the ‘John Sebastian’ (Former Light vessel 55), however some stop press headlines from the event to keep you interested and “tease” the final report are in order:

  • GB0CCC was active between 10:56BST – 16:01BST on Saturday 19 August 2023 and between 11:19BST – 16:17BST on Sunday 20 August 2023 a total of just 10 hours and 3 minutes.
  • We made 131 contacts on Saturday 19 August 2023 averaging 1 QSO every 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • We made 94 contacts on Sunday 20 August 2023 averaging 1 QSO every 3 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • Overall we made 225 contacts over the weekend averaging 1 QSO every 2 minutes and 41 seconds.
  • A number of Club members gave up their time to support the event, our thanks go to, in no particular order:
    • Greg 2W1BUF,
    • Dave G0DPW,
    • Ken G4XCB,
    • Andy G7KNA,
    • Mark M0SKV,
    • Dave M7BBN,
    • Ken M7MYU.
  • We worked 23 Lighthouses and Lightships (although only 20 were registered as participating stations) in 7 different countries (counting UK as 1 country). See below for more details.
  • We worked the RSLs: D (Isle of Man), E (England), I (Northern Ireland), M (Scotland) and W (Wales) missing out, yet again, on the Channel Islands “U” and “J”.
  • We worked mainly on 40m with a brief foray onto 20m, working 18 different countries as follows:
    • Austria (OE)
    • Belgium (ON)
    • Czech Republic (OK)
    • England (2E, G, GX, M)
    • France (F)
    • Germany (DH)
    • Isle of Man (GD)
    • Italy (II, IK, IQ)
    • Madeira Islands (CS)
    • Netherlands (PA, PC, PD, PE, PG)
    • Northern Ireland (GI)
    • Norway (LA)
    • Poland (SP)
    • Republic of Ireland (EI)
    • Russia (R)
    • Scotland (GM, MM)
    • Sweden (SF)
    • Wales (2W, GW, MW)
List of Registered Participating Lights Worked (by Lighthouse number)
Country Call Lighthouse Name ILLW Number
Belgium ON9BD Lightship “Westhinder 3” BE0006
Ireland EI1K Cromwell Poimt Lighthouse IE0001
Ireland EI0LHL Loop Head Lighthouse IE0009
Ireland EI3CC Ballinacourrty Point IE0018
Ireland EI0NDR Baily Lighthouse, Dublin IE0025
Italy II1L Lanterna di Genova IT0005
Italy IK6XUL Monte di San Bartolo / Pesaro IT0024
Italy IQ4RA Marina di Ravenna IT0028
Netherlands PG100N Noordwijk aan Zee NL0009
Portugal CS2SP Penedo da Saudade-S. Pedro Moel-Leiria PT0023
Portugal CS2FSA Farol de Vila Real Santo Antonio PT0034
Sweden SF6B Braten SE0079
England GB8SL Shoreham Lighthouse UK0023
Nthn Ireland MN0JQS Lightship “Petrel”, Ballydorn UK0092
England GX4CW Cross Ness UK0095
England GB2BHL Bidston Hill UK0180
England GB0NL Newhaven Breakwater UK0190
England 2E0HPI Seaton High Tower UK0198
Scotland GB2THL Tod Head Lighthouse UK0218
England M0DEL Victoria Harbour Old Pier Hartlepool UK0236

Overall this was a great Special Event and out thanks go to the Cabot Cruising Club for once again hosting us, we look forward to returning in 2024.

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