Doug G3KUL

Obituary - Doug G3KUL

It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of our Club President Doug G3KUL after a long illness at 21:45 hours on Sunday 31st October 2010, he was 86.

Doug was an SBARC member for some 20 years and President since 1997. Like many World War 2 veterans he was reluctant to speak of his experiences. Employed and trained by Siemens as a Marine Radio Officer, he entered service on the Atlantic convoys and later on the Russian convoys. Twice torpedoed, “but I didn’t get my feet wet”.

After the war he joined the RAF as a Signals Operator. After a much travelled tour of duty, he settled in Bristol, finally being employed by Colodense as a Storeman.

Always a typical Yorkshireman, he was gruff and strong willed. He retained his skills on the Morse Key until the end of his life, and was the subject of envy of his Club colleagues. He could send and receive Morse Code at great speed, yet could chat at the same time!

A prickly old duffer, like a character from Last of the Summer Wine, he will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and condolences go to his family.