SBARC Mailing List

Mailing List for Members and Non-Members

SBARC has created a series of Public and Private Mailing Lists at with the purpose of:

  1. Using as the primary method of communicating Club News to Members and Suscribed Non-Members
  2. Using the Public section to redistribute information from selected Amateur Radio, Computing, Electronic and Technology News Feeds
  3. Providing a respectful and courteous forum for discussions related to Amateur Radio where anyone may receive or provide advice and encouragement to assist other Group Members

If you wish to join this Group, which will allow you to receive News and Information about South Bristol Amateur Radio Club, then you need to do one of the following:

  1. Send an e-mail to the Subscription Address ( from the e-mail address you wish to use to receive News and Updates;
  2. Go to the South Bristol ARC Public Page on and click on the button “Apply for Membership in this Group”
  3. On our home page (and most other pages) in the right hand sidebar between “Forthcoming Events” and our TWITTER Feed you can enter an e-mail address and click on the “Subscribe” button

Club members will also have access to a Private Members Only Forum.

The Group is Moderated, application for membership will be approved in most cases unless it appears to be a spam bot or an individual who has not behaved in accordance with the Group Guidelines in the past.  Additionally in the Public Forum a New Subscribers first two posts are subject to moderation.

Once subscribed you can configure your subscription to provide you with information in ways that suit you: single e-mails, digests, special notices only or even no mail if you only intend to read the group on the web. Additionally you have the ability to mute topics marked with “#hashtags”.

We hope you will join us in the South Bristol ARC Public Forum/Mailing List.

About Andy (G7KNA) 164 Articles
BEng CEng MICE. Chartered Civil Engineer and Licensed Radio Ham (G7KNA). Member of South Bristol Amateur Radio Club since 2005 and Secretary since 2010. I am a registered RSGB Assessor for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Exams. Away from the club and work I play with computers and related gadgets exploring Open Source software and when necessary bodge the odd DIY project.